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10 Gifts of Health for the Holidays

10 Gifts of Health for the Holidays

1.  Chiropractic Care Gift Certificate at Bergen Family Chiropractic:

  • Buy a gift certificate for a new patient exam ($148)  BONUS: Receive a free tube or roll-on of BioFreeze to liven up the gift or to keep for yourself
  • Buy an existing patient at Bergen Family Chiropractic an adjustment visit ($45) OR help them to pay for a Wellness Pass of 12 visits

2.  Lumbar Cushion:  Many of your family members sit at computers all day long, or are retired and sit in a recliner everyday.  A lumbar cushion will support their lower back curve, make them more comfortable, and freshen up their seat. ($35 +tx)

3.  Tri-Core Cervical Pillow, BioFreeze, Gel Cold Pack:  Give the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep with a Tri-Core Cervical Bedtime Pillow ($39 +tx) or other healthy items at Bergen Family Chiropractic such as a tube of BioFreeze ($11) and a cold/hot gel pack ($5) (everyone loves these and they make great stocking stuffers).

4.  “Activity” Date:  Give a loved one a gift certificate (make your own if needed) for something active such as ice skating (plus skate rental) at a local rink, a yoga class, three months at a gym, downhill or xc skiing (plus rental), or an indoor water park. Other ideas:  rollerskating, snowtubing, run/walk race entry…. be creative!  And, of course, offer to go with the person and/or to drive them to it.

5.  Portable Laptop Desk – Read this blog post about how to fix the laptop problem to understand why this makes a great gift AND to find a link to the portable laptop desk that Dr. Amy uses ($33).

6.  Hula Hoop or a Jumprope – one of the good, weighted hula hoops (without ridges) makes for great indoor Wintertime exercise and a jumprope can help your loved one to maintain bone density because of the impact involved in jumping.

7.  Workout Clothes – high tech, wicking fabrics and the right weight for a sport the gift recipient loves

8.  Wool socks, gloves/mittens, and long underwear – your loved one will have no excuses when it comes time to go outside to build a snowman!

9. Pedometer – Get a FitBit or smart watch (and perhaps set it up and/or show the person how to use it).  Want to help someone with no outlay of cash?  Help an older family member to download a free pedometer app on their smart phone and remind them to put the phone in their pocket when they go for a walk!

10.  Homemade Granola – Skip the cookie trays and go for a bag filled with homemade granola tied with a bow – makes a yummy and healthy addition to your gift recipient’s breakfast bowl!  (great for the office staff, distant relatives, bus drivers, mail carriers, and as stocking stuffers)  Get the recipe here.

Dr. Amy Mercovich