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Wendy got rid of both her neck pain AND the ringing in her ears with chiropractic!

Wendy told us… “I made my initial appointment because I had horrible neck pain. I had also been suffering from terrible ringing in the ears but I didn’t think there was anything I could do about that and I thought I was going deaf.

At my initial appointment, Dr. Amy found that I was out of alignment and put me on a regime of adjustments 2x/week. Not only am I no longer suffering from the neck pain, but the ringing in the ears has stopped too!

I feel so much better. There is a great vibe to the office and I enjoy coming in for my maintenance appointments.”

“I play a lot of sports and getting adjusted allowed me to keep playing!” ~Callie M.

Callie is a dedicated athlete and was having pain in her hips. She came in for an evaluation and found that she got immediate relief from her hip pain after her adjustments. Callie stated that the exercises and stretches that Dr. Amy showed her helped to alleviate her pain, reduce her muscle tightness, and improve her hip function.

“The nervous system scan confirmed where my pain and headaches were coming from then Dr. Amy was able to prescribe at home stretches to help between the adjustments.” ~Carolyn M.
“Nobody wanted to actually treat my pain…only cover it up with pain meds. Dr. Amy finally fixed the cause of my pain!” -Sydney W.

Sydney W. was experiencing back, hip, and neck pain as well as headaches. All of these symptoms finally got bad enough to nudge her into coming for a chiropractic evaluation. In less than a month of Dr. Amy adjusting her and giving her home exercises and habit changes, Sydney was able to say “I feel great!” As someone training to be a nurse, she sees the importance of keeping her body in good alignment for a lifetime.

“I started getting chiropractic care to get rid of migraines. I now come in monthly to stay migraine free.” -Jeanette B.

“I first came in 22 years ago because I was suffering from chronic migraines. Dr. Amy did an exam and adjusted my neck which immediately got rid of my migraine. She also gave me useful information and exercises to do in between office appointments.” -Jeanette B

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.

“I get less migraines and can stand and bend for long periods of time with no pain now, since being adjusted regularly.” -Rachel B.

“I first came to see Dr. Amy because I was suffering from chronic migraines and lower back pain. She adjusted my neck and back. She also taught me exercises to help me to stand up straighter and reduce the back pain.” -Rachel B.

Dianne shares her story of what brought her to Bergen Family Chiropractic
and her impressive results…

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.

Dianne first came to Bergen Family Chiropractic after not being satisfied with the medical answers she received from her Neurologist. She had been experiencing a decline in her health since December 2016 and had lingering symptoms that the Doctors could never quite diagnose. After several tests including multiple MRI’s and an injection medication that her body did not tolerate well, Dianne began to search out other options to better her health.  That brought her to Dr. Amy in July 2017.

Dianne’s care plan was extensive as she had a severe cervical subluxation. Dr. Amy gave her a Denneroll to re-establish her neck curve and multiple appointments a week, at first, to help boost the healing of her nervous system and increase her CoreScore. “The difference in my thermography testing that I had when I started going and then at my follow up testing was very substantial.” Her CoreScore increased by almost 30 points – how awesome!

“I have had very impressive results since starting my Chiropractic care plan. I no longer suffer from the pin pricks in the bottoms of my feet or struggle with my balance. I have not had any bladder issues or suffered from the severe fatigue I once suffered. I overall feel so much better than before Chiropractic.” 

She now freely talks to friends and family regarding the very impressive results that she has experienced. “I have had an overall wonderful experience at Bergen Family Chiropractic. I love Dr. Amy and I am so thankful with the positive results that I have had. The front desk person is always so very friendly and helpful. My only regret is that I did not start going there sooner.”

Barb B. tells us…”“Getting adjusted makes me feel fabulous, not just because it gets rid of all of my aches and pains but because my whole body is working right!”
Sarah (mom), and kiddos Sadie and Levi…grateful for their wellness chiropractic care!

“I first came to see Dr. Amy for my chronic lower back pain. She assessed my overall spinal health and then gave me a regime to improve my back which reduced the amount of pain I was having. I now come in once a month to maintain the health of my spine. Coming in once a month helps me to live a more enjoyable and consistent quality of life.” -Sarah S.

Ryan N. is happy to go to work now because his hand no longer goes numb and cramps up from the pinched nerve in his neck.

When Ryan N. first came to Bergen Family Chiropractic he had constant neck pain, stiffness, and left hand tingling and cramping. All of these symptoms made his work life as a mechanic painful and challenging. After 2 months of chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Amy, he is thrilled at how great he feels. He tells us that he wakes up feeling well rested with no pain or stiffness in his neck, and his hand no longer goes numb or cramps up. “It’s thanks to my wife that I finally decided to try out chiropractic.”

“Chiropractic has really changed my life!” ~ Ryan N.

Maddie W. appreciates her maintenance adjustments because it keeps her pain-free and healthy.

Maddie told us she first started coming to Bergen Family Chiropractic because she had neck and shoulder pain that wouldn’t get better despite seeing doctors, even going to Emergency, and taking medications that were prescribed to her. She decided she didn’t want to just take medicine, she wanted to correct the problem.

After only 2 months of weekly adjustments, Maddie got better and now she feels great. Her regular maintenance visits keep her pain-free, happy, and healthy. She looks forward to her chiropractic adjustment days!

“I didn’t want to cover the pain, I wanted to fix the problem.” ~ Maddie W.

Wendy talks about the surprising results her daughter is experiencing as she receives chiropractic care to correct her neck subluxations (misalignments).

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.

Pastor John Keller shares his story of why he gets adjusted regularly by Dr. Amy at Bergen Family Chiropractic

Bob B., gardener extraordinaire 🙂

Bob, who spends all day gardening and creating beautiful landscapes in his 80s, stated he started coming to Bergen Family Chiropractic when he was having back pain and also because he was getting finger numbness. “Dr. Amy does an adjustment as well as gives me exercises to do at home. The exercises really help me to maintain mobility in my neck in between visits. The adjustments also help to restore feeling in my fingers.” Bob also states, “Dr. Amy is fantastic. She tells you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. When you leave her office, it is as though a switch as been flipped and you have a Yes, I Can! attitude.” – Bob B.

Jeff A.

Jeff admits that he is hard on his back! Due to his profession and hobbies that take a toll on his body, he has been receiving chiropractic care for more than 40 years. He stated that what keeps him coming back to Bergen Family Chiropractic is that Dr. Amy and Jess do more than just get you in and out. Each time you visit, he states, you can see that Dr. Amy is truly concerned for your well-being. She takes the time to get to the core of your alignment issues and Jess always meets you with a smile and a good word at the front desk.

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.

The wonderful Ellen…

In 2004, Ellen first came to Bergen Family Chiropractic because she was having pain in her jaw and her neck, and felt still overall. At first she received weekly chiropractic adjustments, and now, 20 years later, she gets regular maintenance adjustments to keep feeling her best and to stay fit and active!

“I tell everyone they should come to Bergen Family Chiropractic because they are wonderful and care about you as a person!” – Ellen Whipple

Betty – octogenarian extraordinaire

Betty first came to Bergen Family Chiropractic after she heard Dr. Amy speak at a Silver Sneakers presentation. Betty was suffering from chronic neck pain and stiffness and decided to give chiropractic a try. Her care plan included adjustments and exercises to increase the flexibility of her neck.

Betty says not only does her neck feel better but also she doesn’t get headaches like she used to, her neck moves better, and her back feels better, too.

“I am so grateful to Dr. Amy for making my life better because of her weekly adjustments, her expertise, the advice she gives, and her compassion.” ~Betty, practice member since 2017

Jess and her son, Connor

Jessica and her son, Connor, are part of one of our wonderful chiropractic families. Jessica was getting adjusted throughout her pregnancy in order to keep good alignment in general, to help a hip issue, and to help her neck because she looks down all day at her job as a pharmacist. She brought Connor in to have his spine checked at 4 weeks old because he was colicky and constipated. After a couple of adjustments from Dr. Amy, “Connor was happy and regular,” his mom reported.

Anne and Warren

See how happy a chiropractic lifestyle is making this sweet couple? Anne and Warren have been receiving weekly wellness adjustments since 2007.

Being an active farming family, their livelihood depends on being healthy and productive. Initially coming in for relief from headaches and severe neck pain, Warren soon became pain-free and noticed better mobility in his neck. Anne also got relief from neck pain.

Now they enjoy their lives to the fullest. Anne and Warren appreciate how friendly and helpful Dr. Amy is and how enjoyable it is to come each week to stay healthy and feeling great.

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.

Karen and her son, Myles

Karen is an amazing teacher, wife, and mother. She came to Bergen Family Chiropractic in 2001 because she had a constant stiff neck. She started getting spinal adjustments, felt much better, and has never looked back.

Karen found that the chiropractic care also alleviated her migraine pain as well as helped her to manage the daily stress of her life.

When Karen was pregnant with her son, she noticed significant pain relief when she was consistent with her adjustments. Now her son, Myles, gets his spine checked and adjusted regularly.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Amy and Dr. Pat. They both are amazing and you know you have great chiropractors when they will come in on a Sunday evening to help your autistic son when he throws his hip out. They are truly wonderful.” – Karen


Renee states that she gets adjusted regularly because it assures her that all her systems are working well for good health. Renee needs to stay fit and healthy to keep up with her two active daughters.

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.

Zaylynn came to us at 5 months old when her Mom and Pediatrician noticed that she had a severe head tilt and would not turn to look right.

Upon examination, Doctor Amy found that Zaylynn had a severe subluxation in her C1 (upper cervical – neck area). This is sometimes called Torticollis and is seen quite often in babies at various ages. Not many pediatricians notice these conditions but thankfully Zaylynn’s did and made the suggestion to her Mom to get it checked out further.

         Before – Visit #1         After – Visit #4


As seen in these two pictures, the one Before was taken on her 1st appointment before any adjustment was done and the After picture was taken on visit #4. What a difference! Zaylynn’s nervous system is now flowing properly and she will continue to grow to be a healthy and happy little girl!  – Zaylynn, as stated by her Mom, Practice Member since 2018

Jim came to us with back and shoulder pain from a sports injury many years ago. His daughter recommended Dr. Amy as she was already a patient and had good results with her adjustments (his grandchildren even get adjustments too).  Jim is continuing his care here to help keep his nervous system flowing at its optimal level by coming in every 2 weeks. “Everyone at Bergen Family Chiropractic is always friendly and helpful and I would recommend Bergen Family Chiropractic to friends and family, Thanks Bergen Family Chiropractic!” – Jim N, Practice Member since 2016 

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.


This is our friend Jake. Jake is a pipe fitter and relies heavily on being able to bend and move around a great deal with his work. After dealing with neck and back pain, he decided to give us a call – he was referred to our office by several of his friends. When Jake came in, he could barely walk due to the amount of pain he was in and was unable to sleep through the night due to back pain. Dr. Amy recommended Jake come in to see us, 2x a week for 6 weeks.

After his Initial Care Plan, Jake was able to bend and take care of things at work without pain, was sleeping better and through the night, and even saw improvements in his sinuses, he reported. Another area of huge improvement was in Jake’s CORE Score which increased by almost 20 points. That’s awesome!

Jake said that he has really enjoys getting his spine adjusted (which he does on a maintenance level at this point) and he recommends Bergen Family Chiropractic to anyone he meets.  “I am so much more conscience of my posture now and constantly reminding myself to stand and sit up straight so I keep my spine in the best shape possible!”   – Jake D. – Practice member since 2016

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.


Brette-Ashley & her daughter, Emerson pictured with Dr. Amy

How sweet is little Emerson?! Here’s her story..

When Emerson first came in, she could not look to the right at all. She was on Acid Reflux medication, had diarrhea, painful diaper rash, and she was waking up 5-7 times a night. Her mom, Brette-Ashley tried everything!

When Brette-Ashley heard about Chiropractic Care for these symptoms for her baby, she did not know what to expect… but has since told us about the AMAZING results. Within ONE adjustment she could look over her right shoulder (something she couldn’t do since birth) and within a few adjustments, she could freely look in both directions without discomfort or pain.  Her doctors took her off one of her Acid Reflux medications and she started sleeping more soundly at night. This transformation all happened in only a couple of weeks.

The most amazing part of this story, is that just by doing a few gentle adjustments to her spine to remove subluxations, Emerson’s body has become a powerhouse of HEALING from the inside out. Naturally.  – Practice members since 2000 (Brette-Ashley) & 2015 (Emerson)


Say hello to our friend Rex!

If you’ve ever met Rex, you would have no idea that this man just turned 82! He is active, and stays busy traveling all over, doing small projects, caring for his home, mowing the lawn, and loving life!

What is his secret? Rex is one of our many patients that receives maintenance Chiropractic Care. When he first came into the office, he had bad leg pain and cramps that made it hard for him to function daily in his active lifestyle. It turns out that he actually had 3 vertebra out of alignment, which were corrected during his treatment.

Rex is able to do more than most people half of his age, and wants to maintain this great energy in his life for as long as possible, which is why he is dedicated to caring for his spine and Nervous System. Thank you for letting us share your story Rex! – Practice Member since 2013


“I was diagnosed with asthma at age 13.  Twenty-seven years later, I was told by my allergist I no longer need to take my asthma medication.  I attribute all of this to my newfound love of the chiropractor.  Since coming for adjustments, I no longer have constant headaches or the need to be on asthma medication.”  –Mary Kellenberger-Warax, Practice Member since 2011

“Chiropractic has changed my life drastically as I no longer have migraines or severe back pains that had affected normal everyday activities for me.”  -Katelyn Pimm, Practice Member since 2002

“When I first walked into Bergen Family Chiropractic I could hardly walk.  I had a bad experience at another chiropractor’s office and was thinking about being done with chiropractic care completely.  I’m so glad that I didn’t do that!  A few weeks later and I have improved incredibly!  Thank you.”  –John Keller, Practice Member since 2012

“I simply cannot imagine my life without chiropractic!  It has significantly reduced the pain I experienced, taught me a multitude of health promoting life changes, and provided me supportive cheerleaders that aren’t just chiropractors – they are friends!”  –Tricia Greenlaw, Practice Member since 2000

Please note that the experiences and results of these practice members are unique to them and results will vary among patients.