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#1 Thing Dr. Amy Wants For You (That You May Not Expect)

"It's all about the nerves, Folks!"#1 Thing Dr. Amy Wants For You (That You May Not Expect)

Obviously, when you present to our office in pain, we want you to feel better. Yet….. that is not our number one goal for our Practice Members.

The Big Idea behind chiropractic is that “health comes from within.” Your Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves throughout your body) are what work to keep your body self-healing and self-regulating.

Did you know that you are self-healing and self-regulating??? You are!

And, the system that controls those abilities is your Nervous System. Your brain is the master controller of all of the functions of your body.

The number one goal that we have for all of our Practice Members (drumroll, please!) is to have a highly functioning nervous system which we can measure by the CORE Score tests that we perform (the “scan” tests ). We want everyone to have a CORE Score of 80 or higher, meaning that your nervous system can adapt well to all the internal and external stress to which you are exposed (physical stress, toxins, mental stress).

“It’s all about the nerves, Folks.”

When you keep your Nervous System in tip-top shape, your body can survive and thrive in a variety of environments. Your immune system is “on” – constantly finding things that are wrong  and fixing them inside your body. Your energy level is good. You sleep well. You feel happy and healthy.

Adjustments stimulate the spine, which stimulates the brain, which drives healing and strong nerve pathways from the brain to the body. Regardless of how you feel, getting adjusted makes you healthier. This is the most awesome health boost in the world and all the “side effects” are great ones.

My wish for you is to be so healthy and happy that your life feels simply perfect. I want this for you, your family, our community, and the world.

Dr. Amy Mercovich

P.S. Don’t know your CORE Score yet?? Schedule a “scan” at your next maintenance appointment. The fee is only $45 for our established Practice Members and you will receive online access to the results and the explanations of the tests afterwards. It’s all very cutting edge!