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Why we have “Family” in our name

Why we have “Family” in our name…

LN5A3642Staying healthy together is a family affair. Not only are we literally a family (Dr. Pat is Dr. Amy’s Mother, Dr. Amy’s Father and Husband are often found around the office keeping it in tip-top shape, and Dr. Amy’s daughters can be seen at the front desk on occasion) BUT we also see many families of multiple generations that get adjusted for wellness.  (Plus, Julia and Brittany feel like sisters to us!)

LN5A3211 (1)When you truly understand the premise behind chiropractic – that health comes from within and it is run by the brain and the nerves which flow through your spine – you don’t want to leave your family members behind to suffer from less than optimal health and vitality.

It is so simple to get checked for subluxations (misalignments in the spine that affect the nerve flow) and to stay on a maintenance plan to keep your body as awesome as possible.

JuliaYears ago, Dr. Pat and Dr. Amy reflected on the affordability of chiropractic wellness care for the entire family for our community’s families, and from that the Wellness Pass and Kids’ Wellness Club were born.  Some families prefer to all get adjusted together using visits on their Wellness Pass and other families take their turns – Mom and Dad will get adjusted each month using their Wellness Pass visits and the children will come to Kids’ Wellness Club each month.

Britt with neicesDr. Amy can’t imagine a life without her children and husband (and herself, of course) getting wellness adjustments regularly because it works so well to keep everyone healthy and to avoid the need for medical doctor visits, prescription drugs, and surgeries.

When your spinal alignment, flexibility, and overall posture are good, then superb health follows – nerve messages from your brain to your body are perfect and all the other systems of the body function great.

Confidence in one’s ability to heal from the inside out is maximized when you have a healthy nervous system.  Do you know how healthy your nervous system is?  Do you know your CORE Score?  If not, ask Julia or Dr. Amy about getting your nervous system digital assessment at your upcoming maintenance/wellness visit.

In the meantime, keep yourself well with a wellness plan of chiropractic adjustments – for you AND your family members.  Most people fall in the 1-4X per month range for frequency of visits.  Once your nervous system is healthy, we see it as a personal choice as to what frequency of wellness visits you want for your health goals.

From our family here at Bergen Family Chiropractic to you and your family, we wish you the peace of mind that comes with being in good alignment and truly healthy!

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