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10 Gifts of Health for the Holidays

10 Gifts of Health for the Holidays

1.  Chiropractic Care Gift Certificate at Bergen Family Chiropractic:

  • Buy a gift certificate for a new patient exam ($90) and you lock in the 2011 rate
  • (bonus) Receive a free tube or roll-on of BioFreeze to liven up the gift or to keep for yourself
  • Options:  3-pack of chiropractic adjustments ($120) or 12-pack wellness pass ($384)  *free BioFreeze with purchase of either option!

2.  Massage Therapy Gift Certificate :  Shawn Thompson, LMT of Vital Massage at Bergen Family Chiropractic has a great special right now for gifts – Buy 3 One Hour Massages at Regular Price ($59 each) and Receive a One Hour Massage for Free!  Call him at (585) 230-7794 to arrange payment by a credit card or stop by the office to pick up gift certificates (cash or check only).

3.  ChiroFlow Pillow:  give the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep (Dr. Amy’s favorite pillow) or other healthy items at Bergen Family Chiropractic such as a lumbar cushion or tube of BioFreeze and a cold/hot gel pack

4.  “Activity” gift:  give a loved one a gift certificate (make your own if needed) for something active such as ice skating (plus skate rental) at a local rink, a yoga class, three months at a gym (Mike’s Gym in Bergen!), downhill or xc skiing (plus rental), or the water park and swimming at the Clarion hotel in Batavia.  Other ideas:  rollerskating, snowtubing, run/walk race entry…. be creative!

5.  Weights, exercise/yoga mat, & exercise video

6.  Hula Hoop – one of the good, weighted ones (but without the ridges because they can hurt!)

7.  Workout Clothes – high tech, wicking fabrics and the right weight for a sport the gift recipient loves

8.  Wool socks, gloves/mittens, and long underwear – your loved one will have no excuses when it comes time to go outside to build a snowman!

9.  Pedometer – get a high quality one (not less than $20 to ensure that it will actually work!) and perhaps one for yourself, too, then challenge each other to see who can get the most steps in one day; report your daily steps in an email or on facebook

10.  Homemade Granola – skip the cookie trays and go for a bag filled with homemade granola tied with a bow – makes a yummy and healthy addition to your gift recipient’s breakfast  bowl!  (great for the office staff, distant relatives, bus drivers, mail carriers, and as stocking stuffers)  Get the recipe here.