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The Nervous System Does What?!

The Nervous System, believe it or not, controls everything in the body – every cell, every gland, every organ, every muscle, every joint.  In order for messages to get back and forth from the body to the brain, they must travel through the spine, thereby making every function of the body dependent on a well-aligned and mobile spine.  Chiropractic is super important to your nerves working properly and to the expression of health in your body.

Did you know that your nervous system is responsible for…

  • the strength of your immune system and your ability to fight off cold/flu/bacteria/germs of all kinds?
  • your body’s ability to adapt to the environment such as keeping you toasty at 98.6 F even when you spend time outdoors in -10 F?
  • the digestion of all your food and the processes that turn your meals into energy, cell repair, and muscle strength?
  • making your heart beat as well as opening and closing valves and coronary arteries?
  • telling hormone-making organs (pancreas, adrenals, ovaries/testicles) to produce more or less hormone depending on your body’s current needs?
  • all of your senses – smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing?
  • the movement of your body – running, jumping, standing up, touching your toes, chewing, washing the dishes, making lunch,etc?
  • your ability to not pee all over yourself the minute your bladder is full?  (isn’t that amazing that we have control over that sphincter?  could you imagine not having that control?  good spinal alignment helps to ensure that you do have that control.)
  • kissing and hugging?  (and other activities that make life fun  😉  )
  • making a baby and delivering a baby?  (talking about something amazing that your nervous system controls – this is a biggee!)

There is not a single function of the body that doesn’t depend on a healthy nervous system (and a healthy spine) to work properly.  Can you see how this works?  The condition of your spine and your posture can influence every function of your body and your body’s ability to heal and to maintain health… so make the most of it!

Get adjusted regularly.  Don’t wait for symptoms, that is wildly unfair to yourself (would you want your cardiologist to wait until your heart hurts before fixing a 99% blockage?  No way!).

Have your children get adjusted, too, so they grow healthy from the start.  Get the picture?  An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure when it comes to good health and the nervous system.