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Workout Wednesdays with BFC – free, fun, fitness!

Workout Wednesdays with Bergen Family Chiropractic


We all could use a burst of energy and a mid-week shot of fun so here is our solution to the Winter, dark day doldrums…. Workout Wednesdays!!!!Workout Wednesdays

What is “Workout Wednesdays with Bergen Family Chiropractic”?

Wednesdays throughout the Winter, we will be offering a 4 minute workout each hour at the office and as a video which we post on our Facebook page. The workout times will be “on the 15’s” which means 9:15, 10:15, 11:15, 3:15, 4:15, and 5:15 every Wednesday. The workouts will be for all levels, will change each week, and no one can complain that they don’t have time because they are only 4 minutes! So, bring your positive attitude and just go with it for fun and health.

There are two ways to participate (and to be eligible for prize drawings!!):

1. Participate in a workout at the office by coming early or staying late from your chiropractic appointment. You are welcome to wear exercise clothes and sneakers but NO SPECIAL CLOTHES OR SHOES ARE NECESSARY. After the workout, you may enter your name in the fishbowl for monthly prize drawings.

2. Go to Bergen Family Chiropractic’s Facebook page to view the day’s workout video, do the workout at home or at work, then post “I did it!” in the comments. We will enter your name into the fishbowl for you.

Prizes will be given away monthly throughout the Winter. (By the way, if you or your business has anything you could contribute for fun prizes, that would be fantastic. Just let Julia know at the front desk.)

Our goal is to get as many people and businesses as possible to participate in this free, fun, healthy program.  Get your work place on board and win a special prize. Ask your boss if you and your co-workers can participate in Workout Wednesdays With Bergen Family Chiropractic in “exchange” for wearing comfy clothes. (You will see Julia and Dr. Amy in workout attire and comfy sneakers on Wednesdays.) The selling point is that exercise during the day increases employees’ productivity while improving fitness – a “win-win” for certain. What a fun, mid-week bit of pleasure!