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Dr. Amy’s 25 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life

Dr. Amy’s 25 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life

Get adjusted regularly – it’s the foundation for creating a body that can move easily, that can adapt to the environment including resisting all those germs out there, and that feels energetic and wonderful.fruits-and-veggies

Eat real food – shop from your garden, the farmers’ markets, the perimeter the grocery store, and even other people’s gardens but avoid eating the foods that come from boxes and bags, especially those laden with flour and sugar.

Make your life smell great. Use pure essential oils to create sprays or to diffuse great scents around your home, at your desk, on your bed linens, and at your workplace.


Make peace with your past. Actually, just let your whole childhood go; there’s no need to rehash anything that happened back then. It is history and we do not live there.

Get to know your “peeps.” Make friendships with your neighbors and have a sense of community. It makes your life better and gives you people to lean on when you need them. Being there for others too, makes your life feel more useful.

Move your body in a way that feels great everyday. This doesn’t have to be a get sweaty workout, just move, stretch, and breathe.

Count your blessings. Realizing all the goodness that already exists in your life can be uplifting and can free your mind from stress.

When you don’t like where your life is heading then create a new map with a different destination. It helps to start by simply writing down what it is you most desire.

Make yourself feel pretty or handsome. Accentuate what you like about your body or your style and have fun with it. Got a new haircut, update your wardrobe, or simply vow to smile more.

Have something ridiculously frivolous in your life. Crazy slippers, a pet you dress up for the seasons, a silly statue you keep by your bed, a flower bed in the shape of a heart, a collection of snow globes, or even too many pairs of shoes, candles, or sizes of drill bits. The point is just to not take life too seriously.

Touch and be touched. Hug someone every day, give and get massages, rub your arms up and down when you need a little comfort, always pet the friendly dog, and tip the pedicurist well so you’ll get extra foot massage time.

IMG_0050Have your own secret place, preferably outdoors, and better yet, with a pretty view. Go to it when you need a break.

Plan something – a party,a trip, or a date. Now go do it.

Reach a hand out to help someone else. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better and boost your mood.

Stand tall with a straight spine and your shoulders thrown back. Your body functions better this way and you’re even perceived as being more open and powerful by others.

Be inspired. Read books, view art, listen to music, and have conversations with people whom you admire.

Spend some time everyday breathing fresh outdoor air and getting some sunshine.

Do something you never thought you could or would do. Be bold. Tackle one thing on that bucket list.

Know that you are perfect even if you don’t always “do” perfect. Forgive yourself when you screw up, eat too much, forget to take your vitamins, realize that your exercise shoes have dust on them, or got into the same argument again with the same person. Just vow to do better next time and move on.

Try something new. It activates new neurons and nerve pathways in your brain and spinal cord which is great for keeping you young. Skydiving, yoga, knitting, beading, cooking a new recipe, taking a Zumba class, trying a new spice, building your own deck, painting, learning a new language, mastering a new app on your computer… The list is endless. The whole point is to get outside of the box in which you live.

Clean or organize something. It just feels right.

Be okay with good enough. Don’t waste your time getting everything perfect when 80% is just fine and gives you more free time.

Laugh until tears come. Do whatever it takes, just laugh more. If you need help, find a child. Works like a charm.happy-kids-playing_~k5193932

Lay one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and take a huge breath feeling grateful that you can still do so. Being alive and appreciating it is 99.9% of our to do list.

Stay present. This is the most important tip of all because we only truly live in the moment. The past is gone and the future is a mystery. All is well in the present moment so get yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable right there.

Dr. Amy Mercovich