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The Best Kept 125 Year Old Secret (for Your Health)

Chiropractic does more than you could imagine.  It is a way to a back that feels better, but did you know what else?

Please read this to the very end as it summarizes some exciting research I recently learned.

People are becoming more interested in health, anti-aging, and having the greatest quality of life possible, or at least I hope so! The following information is so good, I must share it!

Advances in DNA testing are now showing how DIFFERENT chiropractic patients are from those that are not receiving chiropractic care. No one remembers you for being average. Being an average American means you will experience significantly diminished health as you age.

So here is what the research is showing… There is a newer test called a Serum Thiol test. Some basic information we know is that the AVERAGE person has levels of 90 nano-moles of cysteine, a protein (don’t worry about what that is, just remember 90). At this level or below, people are at a 95% risk for developing one of the 9 major disease categories. It’s pretty much a given.

(Resource: Reduced Level of Serum Thiols in Patients with a Diagnosis of Active Disease. Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Vol.6, Number 4, 2003 Pero, R.W., Banne,A.F. )

HERE IS THE BEST PART! The chiropractic patients were a whole different story. After 1 year of having their spines and nervous systems adjusted, the average person had levels of 124. And after 3 years of regular chiropractic care the level rose to an average of 146! A level of 120 and above plummets to a 5% risk for developing the 9 different disease categories.

Just this one simple change can make the difference, according to this research, in your health risk. That is a massive difference. If this was a drug it would be all over the news. But it won’t be. Most people will NEVER hear about it. They will continue to be in the dark about health secrets that can change their future forever. This is just what the medical/pharma society wants, an endless supply of sick and diseased people.

Chiropractic is the best kept 100+ year old secret there ever was. And now we are starting to be able to prove WHY it is so powerful. So, print this out or share this info with anyone you care about and get them to a chiropractor who addresses the spine and nervous system. That is our emphasis but this is so important, it doesn’t matter who you see, just get there and start! It will be one of the best investments in your LIFE that you will ever make. It’s not about back and neck pain anymore. It’s way more than that. It’s about your quality of life….Get checked, get adjusted, let the nervous system flow and stay adjusted….Simple.