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Your Brain on Chiropractic & Chocolate

Your Brain on Chiropractic & Chocolate

In honor of Valentines’ Day, I thought a discussion on chiropractic and chocolate was in order; two of my (Dr. Amy’s) favorite things.

Your Brain on Chiropractic

Research by Richard Barwell DC, Annette Long PhD, and Alvah Byers PhD published in 2009 found that participants’ brain EEG scans showed improvement in all areas of the volunteer’s brain function after a chiropractic adjustment. The most notable improvement was found in an increase of the meditative Alpha brainwave patterns that are associated with relaxation and healing.

This means that each time you are adjusted, you get an increase in coordinated brain function.  Good news for all of us who get adjusted regularly!  I know that I will take all the brain power I can get and will be thinking about this after my next chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic adjustments, when they alleviate lower back pain, could also keep your brain’s gray matter thicker and healthier inside your skull.  A study found that chronic lower back pain caused the brain to shrink!  That cannot be good.

Your Brain on Chocolate

The “food of the Gods” has more health claims associated with it all the time.  The latest is a study that found that countries with the highest chocolate consumption also had the most Nobel prize winners.  Of course, no one knows if there is any cause and effect going on here, yet it sure is interesting.

Another study on snails’ nervous systems found that the snails that were in “chocolate water,” water infused with the same flavanol found in chocolate, maintained memory for 24 – 48 hours instead of the 2-3 hours for the snails in plain water.

Besides wondering how these researchers got funded for such studies…was Nestle behind this?… I love any study that reinforces my claim that chocolate is health food.  It has been touted to improve brain function, decrease the risk of dementia, lower blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness.  Sounds and tastes good to me!

There you have it, reason to get adjusted regularly and to eat chocolate for a healthier brain.  Happy Valentines’ Day!