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A Perfect Food in a Can (and it may gross out your kids, too)

What food is available canned, is portable, is delicious to some people (and hopefully can be an acquired taste for everyone else), is super-duper healthy and filling, is “real” food, and is inexpensive?

Sardines, of course!  Did you guess it correctly?

Here is why I love sardines so much…

  • Eating sardines fits into a healthy, low glycemic-index, Mediterranean style diet that I love to eat and promote
  • They contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids, the type of fat that helps your brain and skin, is anti-inflammatory, helps decrease heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis risk, and is all around great for every organ in your body
  • They help us to maintain a trim waistline
  • All the reasons above (filling, inexpensive, taste great, portable, do not require refrigeration)
  • With a spoonful of spicy mustard, a few seed crackers, and a mixed greens salad, you have a healthy, light lunch that will make you feel glorious and virtuous

Dr. Amy Mercovich’s Sardine Buying Tips:

  • Choose sardines packed in olive oil (instead of soybean oil)
  • If you want the ones packed in water, then top them off with a drizzle of your own yummy olive oil
  • Brands I like (in order of most to least) are:  King Oscar Sardines in Olive Oil – see photo below, Cole’s Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil (a little pricier but delicious – also love their canned Petite Rainbow Trout), Goya Sardines in Olive Oil, and lastly Bumble Bee Sardines in Water (then I add a drizzle of olive oil)
  • Prices range from $ .99 for Bumble Bee (which is why they make the list – they are cheap!) to about $4.99 for Cole’s brand.  King Oscar and Goya fall in the middle of those end ranges.

(No, I was not bribed, paid, or reimbursed in any way by King Oscar or any of these companies!)