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Maintenance Care: Feel Great for Life

Maintenance Care:  Feel Great for Life

Regular Chiro Maintenance for a Healthy Spine

by Amy P. Mercovich, D.C.

Avoid this!

Much of what we do all day long is detrimental to our spinal health.  We need a regular, positive input to balance that out and to feel fit, healthy, flexible, and strong.

Those of you who have ignored your maintenance care for a long time often find yourselves in the awful situation of having an episode of severe pain (again). I can imagine that some people are slow learners and need to have this happen once or twice before they come to the conclusion that a regular, chiropractic “maintenance” appointment is a better idea. However, being willing to learn from others’ mistakes and begin a chiropractic maintenance plan with the picture of optimal health as your motivation feels much better.

Who wants all of their teeth to rot and fall out before they start a teeth maintenance plan of daily brushing and twice annual dentist visits?

What’s the bottom line? Once a month chiropractic maintenance visits work fabulously well to feel great and to be healthy for most people.

If your pain level is above a 2 out of 10 with 10 the worst (or if your spinal joints are not moving well enough yet), you  deserve more frequent chiropractic adjustments to make greater improvements first.

On a daily basis, a few spinal stretches and the practice of good posture will do the trick to keep you in good alignment and moving well between visits to the chiropractor.  Ask your chiropractor about these healthy practices when you go for a maintenance visit.

Haven’t seen your chiropractor in months or even years?  No worries!  It is never too late to begin a healthy habit.  As Nike loves to tell us….”Just Do It.”