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Five Supplement Recommendations for Optimal Health

“Healthy Five”

Supplement Recommendations for Optimal Health

Supplement: Fish oil

Dosage: 1 gram (=1000mg) of total Omega 3 (EPA & DHA)


♦Need for all cells to function properly, esp. nerve and heart tissue

♦Side effect is an anti-inflammatory effect (good for joints!)

♦Consider higher doses for mood disorders, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, high triglycerides, and chronic pain

♦May be contraindicated if on Coumadin drug – see your MD

Supplement: Multi-vitamin

Dosage: 1 serving according to package directions


♦Good diet “insurance”

♦Age or gender specific varieties available

♦Only take the “with iron” variety if your MD recommends it

Supplement: Vitamin D

Dosage: 1000 IU of D3 in capsule form


♦Get your blood level tested:  want blood level >50

♦May need higher dose if blood levels fall short

♦Take Vitamin D at the same time as your Calcium

♦Helps with bone density, calcium absorption, cancer recovery, colds, flu, depression, muscle pain, fibromyalgia

Supplement: Calcium

Dosage: 500 mg twice each day


♦Needs acid to digest, so take in “calcium citrate” form

♦Can only absorb about 500 mg at one time

♦Need Vitamin D to help body absorb, so take both at same time

♦Don’t take at same time as Magnesium (Ca at lunch, Mg dinner)

Supplement: Magnesium

Dosage: 400 mg capsule


♦Important mineral for cell function, esp. heart, bones, muscle

♦Side effect – helps alleviate constipation, may need to take 2 doses

♦Don’t take at same time as Calcium (Ca at lunch, Mg dinner or bed)