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How to Use Chiropractic to Have an Amazing Life

How to Use Chiropractic to Have an Amazing Life

(aka… The Wonderful Benefits of Maintenance Chiropractic Care and a Chiropractic Lifestyle)

by Dr. Amy Mercovich

The short answer about how to use chiropractic to have an amazing life is to get adjusted regularly not because you have pain or symptoms but because receiving chiropractic adjustments over a long period of time has been shown in the research to keep you healthier in a multitude of ways.

Do you want any of these benefits that people who get adjusted regularly enjoy?

1.  50% fewer doctor’s visits

2.  only spend 31% of the national average on health care (aka disease care) services

3.  60% fewer hospitalizations

4.  spend 85% less than the national average on prescription drugs

5.  fewer days in a nursing home (means longer life of independence!)

6.  less incontinence with aging

7.  greater sense of energy and well-being

One of my personal favorite benefits of having my spine adjusted regularly has to do with something called “serum thiol” and its relevance to our bodies’ DNA repair mechanisms.  Here is the deal:  DNA inside of each of our cells is constantly undergoing damage due to stress, toxins, and just aging in general.  So, our human body’s awesome response is to repair the DNA and the more repair it is doing, the higher your serum thiol level, and the healthier you are.  People with active diseases  had an average serum thiol level of 90.  The control group of healthy people who were not receiving chiropractic care had a serum thiol level of 128.  The group of people who received long-term chiropractic care (1 to 5 years of duration) had an average serum thiol level of 146!

To me, this means that a body undergoing regular chiropractic care is a higher functioning body, one that has its own repair mechanisms working better than even people who are seemingly healthy, with no active disease.  This is fantastic and explains what we certainly see all the time which is that people who get adjusted regularly over time report having a high quality of life.

We have chiropractic patients in their 80s and even early 90s who still live independently and even still drive themselves to their weekly or monthly chiropractic wellness appointments!  I know that I want to be doing just that in my 90s, if I can be so fortunate.

Regular chiropractic adjustments along with my postural exercises, (mostly) clean eating, and daily outdoor activity are all in my “recipe” for creating an awesome life for myself and my family and I hope they are in yours, too.  It is never too late to start reaping the rewards of regular wellness chiropractic adjustments.

Cheers to your health and well being and ability to do all the things you want to do!

Dr. Amy


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