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What Makes A Life GOOD?

What makes a life good? by Dr. Amy Mercovich




1. A Healthy Body


Since I am a healthcare provider,  starting with optimal health seems appropriate.  During an initial visit with a new patient, I generally ask what the person wants to be able to do as he/she works on their health goals.

We don’t necessarily want to be healthy for just health’s sake but because what it means to our lives.  We want to be able to do, as easily and comfortably as possible, what is necessary and what is fun.

The necessary parts are, perhaps, being able to work and earn money to support your basic needs and the needs of your family, being able to maintain your household, and being able to move around in the world.

The fun parts are equally as important, in my opinion.  These might include being able to have adventures in nature, playing on the floor with the children, having a zesty romantic life, traveling, exploring intellectual pursuits, and creating things.

So, my number one thing that makes life good is being and feeling healthy.  My best approach for that for the entire family is a foundation of good brain and nervous system function (because, after all, they are running the show) which we accomplish with chiropractic adjustments, good posture, eating lots of veggies and fruits, exercise, and sleep.


  1. Freedom in as many ways as possible


We are so lucky as human beings living in the USA in the 21st century.  Freedom is everywhere.

You get to choose….your mate, where you want to live, your religion, your hair color, your clothing style, your food, your job, your education, whether or not to have children, your home, the degree to which you will prioritize your body, your health, your finances, your relationships…I could go on and on.

Simply having gratitude for all the freedoms we have makes life good.


  1. People to love and people who love us


A sense of camaraderie and togetherness are essential to happiness and a good life. Without relationships and love, life isn’t whole. No one can survive totally alone. We need each other.  

Don’t you love it when you arrive home and there is someone you love in the house?  Do you take a moment to greet each other? That simple act feels great and gives us a dose of all sorts of happy hormones.  Make it a hug or a kiss greeting and those hormones increase. It’s a free and healthy euphoric “hit.”

If you live alone and feel lonely at times, my advice is to take action.  Seek out others to connect with on a regular basis. Join things… a church, a singing group, an online community that makes sense to you, community classes, a senior center, volunteer groups, a card playing group, an exercise class (or yoga or meditation), or a book club.

Did you see the movie with Tom Hanks called Castaway where he is stranded for years on a deserted island?  Remember what he does to fulfill this huge need for connection with others? He puts a face on a volleyball and talks to it and loves it just like it’s a person!  Hopefully, we don’t need to do that but don’t sit idle waiting for connections to magically happen. Go out and give things a try that just might lead to some lasting friendships.


  1. Purpose


Humans have a need to have a sense of purpose.  It doesn’t have to be to cure childhood cancer or figure out how to make mobile phones run on garbage (now that would be something, huh?) yet it sure is nice to have something that you care about doing.

Knowing who you are, what are your values, what you love to do, and how you can make the world a better place can all be part of your Purpose.

Your purpose does not have to be fancy and big.  We all just need that “something” that gets us out of bed with a smile.



  1. A Little Bit of Zen


A little bit of zen, to me, means that I have an “oh, well”, “don’t care too much”, “things will continue to change”, “not going to worry about what you think”, “not going to compare myself with anyone else” – type of attitude.  You can train your brain to have these thoughts instead of the roller coaster of super highs and super lows and big drama thoughts.

Some people may love that emotional roller coaster, yet in my opinion, that life is generally better when I can go with the flow without anything getting me too riled up, good or bad.

Along with this “don’t care too much” attitude, a little bit of zen in my life also means that I can slow down and do nothing sometimes as well as finding a moment every day to feel grateful for my life.