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Living a Reasonable Lifestyle for Health – Good Habit Blog Series


New Blog Series – Living a Reasonable Lifestyle for Health

This series is going to shine a light on healthy habits that create a “reasonable lifestyle” of health and well-being.  Notice the words “reasonable” lifestyle and not “perfect” lifestyle.  We are all human and that means we are not perfect, never will be, not going to happen.

Can we all agree to drop the “all or nothing” mentality of “do it perfectly, be perfect, be the best” or it’s not worth trying at all?  Or worse, thinking that since “I will never be healthy/fit/good enough, then screw it, I may as well drink this 6-pack or eat this 5 pound bag of candy or just sit here and watch an entire series on Netflix and enjoy myself while I can.”

Experience reveals that the pursuit of perfection and the all-or-nothing way of thinking is a recipe for disaster and never feeling good enough.  We are perfectly imperfect human beings yet it is fun and healthy to incorporate certain habits into our daily lives if you have goals relating to health, happiness, and longevity.

Stay tuned for the release of several new blog posts that will give you a slight nudge and a leg-up on how to be healthier with a reasonable lifestyle of good (enough) habits.  We will cover topics such as Posture, Food, Exercise, Sleep, and other habits of a sweet lifestyle of health and happiness.

Dr. Amy Mercovich