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Why I Get Adjusted Even When I Feel Great

LN5A3752“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That is often what we are told when it comes to mechanical things yet, if we aren’t doing the regular maintenance that those machines require, we often end up with expensive repairs years before the end of its appropriate life span. Let’s see… the furnace, the dryer, the car, the lawnmower… these are all items that require active maintenance.

When it comes to your body, why do you brush your teeth every night? Are your teeth broken? Do they hurt?

Of course not! You are doing active daily maintenance in order to avoid the consequences of NOT brushing regularly, things such as cavities and gum disease.

Well, did you know that EVERY function of the body is influenced by the condition of your spine? Because your spine is the home of your nerves, the alignment and mobility of it influences anything that has a nerve connection, WHICH IS EVERYTHING IN YOUR BODY!!!

The act of being adjusted, even when you feel great, stimulates the nervous system, mobilizes the spine which stimulates the brain, and keeps you aligned and strong.

It’s not always about fixing things but it’s also about giving your brain positive stimulation. Ninety percent of the stimulation of the brain comes from MOVEMENT of the body and of that, 60% comes from movement of the SPINE. That makes spinal movement really important to keeping your brain “firing on all pistons.”

Did you know that your Autonomic Nervous System has a job of organizing DNA repair? More DNA repair equals “anti-aging” because, if you keep your DNA inside your cells replicating perfectly, then you keep producing new, healthy cells. This is a good thing! People who receive regular chiropractic adjustments for maintenance (in the absence of symptoms) actually show higher activity of enzymes that are responsible for DNA repair.

When people ask me why I get adjusted every week, my answer is… I want to be in my 90s still driving myself to yoga classes and my chiropractic appointments. Note: this means that I am still healthy and fit enough to do yoga, move my own body around, and see and hear well enough to still drive my own car. Wouldn’t that be amazing to be that healthy for that long of a life?? I sure would like to achieve that and I know that the number one thing I need is a healthy nervous system…something accomplished with regular chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Dr. Amy Mercovich