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Top 5 Holiday Season Tips Countdown: #2 Be Joyfully Active

Top 5 Holiday Health Tips Countdown:  #2 Be Joyfully Active

by Dr. Amy Mercovich

“Exercise” has connotations for some people of discomfort and inconvenience during the busy holiday season.  “Joyful activity,” however, can be a pleasure to sneak in here and there throughout the day, the week, and the month.  No need for special clothes, unless your joyful activity happens to be outdoors, which has the added healthy benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Do whatever movement brings you joy and do it often. Walk, dance, jog, play active video games such as Wii, sled, ski, do yoga, skate, wrestle with the kids on the floor, have a pushup contest, play Simon Says or Twister.  The possibilities are abundant and getting sweaty is not required.

Not feeling motivated to move?  Then set your sights low by telling yourself you only have to move for 10 minutes.  Chances are you will get moving and want to do more, yet if not, you at least did 10 minutes of something good for you.