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Time-Efficient Exercise Prescription

The three components of a perfect exercise plan:  Cardio, Resistance, Stretching

Spend just the right amount on each component and you have the ultimate metabolism boost for weight loss.

Cardio (aka “Move More”)

Dr. Amy’s Prescription:  at least 30 minutes of activity per day or 10,000 steps per day with a focus on fun rather than obligation

Special clothes needed?  No, unless the specific activity calls for it or you plan to get sweaty

Ideas:  walk  – no excuses, everyone can do this, walk around the house more, be inefficient while doing chores, stroll with a friend, or go for a stress-reducing power walk, any movement counts, wear a pedometer to see your movement add up,  all the usual cardio suspects count here (walk, jog, bike, hike, ski, treadmill, elliptical, jumping rope, playing tag with kids, cleaning the house with gusto, gardening with gusto, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, etc.)


Dr. Amy’s Prescription:  2-3X per week, 15 consecutive minutes or spread throughout the day, at least 8 different exercises of 8-12 reps of each, vary body parts each day and throughout the week, perform the exercises on an unstable surface for added balance and stability training (i.e.  sit on a fitness ball, stand on a pool noodle, or stand on an over-inflated seating disc or wobble board), use as much weight as possible or body weight and resting between sets to allow heart rate to return to normal (or close to normal) in order to keep cortisol level from rising

Special clothes needed?  Only if you plan to do all the exercises in one session

Ideas:  lift free weights varying the weight with each exercise to make the move as difficult as possible, exercises that require your own body weight for resistance (tricep dips, pushups, crunches, Pilates, chin ups, pelvic lifts), squats and walking lunges holding weight in hands, plyometrics, weight machines at a gym or home gym


Dr. Amy’s Prescription:  1-2X per week, 10 minutes minimum of low-stress stretching with plenty of deep, slow breathing

Special clothes needed?  No, anything that allows you freedom of movement

Ideas:  yoga, basic stretching on the living room floor or mat at the gym