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Is Stress Killing You Slowly? Take Stress Quiz Now

Is your stressful lifestyle making you fat, tired, and heart attack prone?

Take the Identi-T Stress Assessment test now. (It’s free!)

One thing that most Americans have in common is a stressful lifestyle.  That, combined with our fast food culture and lack of regular exercise, puts you at risk for an entire menu of unwanted conditions… obesity, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, mood disorders, weight loss resistance, insulin resistance, cancer…. need I go on?

So, if “drop dead of heart attack,” “shop for larger wardrobe,” or “sign up for diabetes support group” are not on your To Do List, then take action now to fix those stress-related issues.

The real problem is the constant elevation of stress hormones, most notably cortisol, growth hormone, and norepinephrine.   When these hormones are blasted into your bloodstream for short intervals, they can have very healthy effects, especially when you are doing fast, high-intensity exercise or are trying to outrun and outmaneuver a tiger.  However, when the stressful situations are not so immediately life-threatening (work deadlines, worrisome teenagers, financial challenges, and parents’ end-of-life issues), the sustained presence of these hormones cause all kinds of life-sapping problems.

-weight gain, especially around the waist (the killing kind of fat)

-insomnia, poor sleep, can’t stay asleep

-plaque buildup in arteries

-inflammation and arthritis or skin disease flare-ups

-insulin resistance and increased risk of diabetes

-cravings for sweets and starchy foods

-constipation, gas, bloating, or diarrhea

Ready to stop the stress in its tracks?  Want to get rid of some of those yucky symptoms of chronic stress? Start by taking the new Identi-T Stress Assessment.

Here is what to do:

1.  Download the Identi-T Stress Assessment. (It’s free!)

2.  Fill it out completely – takes only 1 minute.

3.  Drop it off at Bergen Family Chiropractic for Dr. Amy to score and to give you a recommendation that will include the appropriate herbal supplement and several lifestyle suggestions.

Cost for this potentially life-saving service?  Only your commitment to improving your health, since that is what brings happiness to Dr. Amy.

Take the Identi-T Stress Assessment now.