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Personalized Work Station Ergonomic Evaluation

You spend a ton of your time at your work station. Is it with good posture? Does your work station help you to have good nerve flow through your spine? Is it energy giving or energy depleting to be at your work station for a full day? Is the time you spend all day at work hurting you?

Dr. Amy Mercovich has developed for YOU, the easiest way to get the best posture/ergonomic advice for your specific work station.

If you are like most people, you have good intentions to do things right for your health, or maybe you THINK you are sitting or standing properly at your work station, yet you could be totally missing the mark.

And, worse, your position at your work station could actually be hurting your spine and health and contributing to a lifetime of wear and tear on your body!

Learning your exact steps to fix your work station could dramatically improve how you FEEL at work all day.

Dr. Amy has figured out over the years (more than 22 years now) that most online ergonomic advice about desks and chairs and computers is not very good or is outright terrible advice! Or, it may look good “on paper” but has little resemblance to how people actually behave when they sit at a desk or stand at a job.

Dr. Amy often jokes that she “sees skeletons” when she looks at people. Her brain is always analyzing posture! In that same way, when she sees people sitting, standing, working, or using a computer, she INSTANTLY recognizes what they are doing wrong and how they could change a few things to make their posture better immediately.

You might have a fancy desk, a high-tech chair, two monitors, a stand-up work station, or you just sit at your kitchen table putting out content for your business…whatever the situation you are in, it is very likely that you could have better posture than what you are doing now or how you are using all the fancy equipment.

Wouldn’t you like to learn how you can sit or stand in a healthier way at YOUR work station? Not just generic advice that may not apply to you, but SPECIFIC to your actual work station and body?

Would you like to know simple steps you can take now to improve how you feel at work today and also “best practices” for future work station upgrades?

The best “fix” for how you spend a huge portion of your day is to get advice that is PERSONALIZED to how YOUR spine and body look at your work station or desk.

Here is how the Personalized Work Station Ergonomic Evaluation program works:

  1. After Dr. Amy receives your PayPal payment, you will receive via email within 24 hours a Work Station Ergonomics Questionnaire and instructions to submit 4 specific photos of you at your work station.
  2. Dr. Amy will create and email to you a “Good, Better, Best” plan for you that is specific to your work station. Good = what you are doing right so far, Better = what you can change immediately to make huge improvements, Best = what you might work towards in the future to address overall health and longevity

Investment in your health (aka “the fee”): $147 paid through PayPal (see link below)

How to access this program: As soon as Dr. Amy Mercovich receives a PayPal payment from you for the full fee amount, you will receive via email the program information and questionnaire to be completed online. Your Personalized Work Station Ergonomic Recommendations will arrive in your email inbox within 72 hours.

Send a PayPal payment for $147 to

Note: Dr. Amy Mercovich also has a program for businesses in the Rochester/Buffalo area where she visits your business to give ergonomic advice. She will do a 20 minute posture and health presentation to your employees then walk around to every employee’s work station to give specific posture and ergonomic advice. It is a half-day (up to 3 hours) service. Please email or call the office at 585-494-2870 and speak to the Office Manager for more information or to arrange a visit to your company.