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Half-Day 🍁Fall🍁 Living Room Retreat with Dr. Amy – Saturday, November 11, 2023

Topics: Meditation, Journaling, and Science-based Lecture and Discussion (Longevity, Super Foods and Healthy Cooking, Brain and Nervous System, Happiness)

Everyone gets a gift!

A Half-Day, Science-Based, Meditation, Journaling, Lecture+Discussion Living Room Retreat with Dr. Amy to Give You a Health and Happiness Boost

Join us for a cozy Half-Day Retreat at Dr. Amy’s house! It’s a fun day of learning, meditation, camaraderie, and a delicious, homemade lunch from Chef Eric (plus a bonus “Stump the Chef” activity).


When: Saturday, November 11, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Where: Dr. Amy’s home in Bergen, New York

The Experience: You will arrive at 9:00 AM and fill your mug with tea or coffee. There will be a super cozy spot for you in the living room and you’ll settle in with your blanket and hot beverage. You get to sit back and relax as we go through a meditation, learn about cool, science-based health topics, laugh a bit, write in your journal or notebook, and then end with a delicious lunch by Chef Eric. During lunch, we will have a fun bonus…”Stump the Chef!” Look in your pantry and fridge and have a list of 3 ingredients and Chef Eric will give you off-the-cuff ideas of how you could utilize those ingredients in a healthy meal at home. You will also receive the recipes from our lunch.

Topics include: Longevity research, super foods, happiness, brain and nervous system health, meditation, healthy cooking tips

Fill your travel mug with coffee or tea upon arrival (but the cookies are for dessert!)

Watch the magic of Chef Eric making our beautiful, healthy lunch.

A cozy spot in the living room awaits you.

Who this retreat is for: All adults are welcome. This retreat is for anyone who wants to relax in a cozy setting with others and learn science-based health tips that can be put into use right away. You do not need any experience with meditation. The lunch will be healthy and plant forward (and you will get advice from Chef Eric as well as all the recipes). This retreat will be life affirming and fun! Sound good to you? Then, it’s for YOU!

Good food = happy faces! (photo from Spring 2023 Retreat)
What to bring: travel mug for coffee or tea, journal and pen, blanket

(Optional: if anyone wants to try out the cold plunge tub outdoors, bring a suit and towel)


9:00 Introductions and Tea/Coffee

9:30 Meditation + Breathing

9:45 Lecture + Journaling + Discussion

11:00 Stretch Break then final lecture topics

11:45 Meditation

12:00 Lunch: Plant-forward, healthy lunch by Professional Chef Eric *Bonus: “Stump the Chef” game

1:00 Head home relaxed and happy (with your swag bag and good memories and ideas for expanding your health and happiness)


“swag” bag of fun treats

tea and coffee

full, healthy plant-forward lunch by Chef Eric & “Stump the Chef” Bonus Game

a warm, cozy setting where you can sink into a squishy spot in your comfy clothes with your blanket

2 meditations

fun science-based presentation, discussion, and journaling

stretch break

(optional) if you are “cold bath curious,” you can try out the outdoor cold plunge *bring bathing suit and towel if you want to do this


Here is how to register…

*You are officially registered when you pay the $127 non-refundable fee

Payment Methods (choose one):

  1. Call or stop by the office and pay by credit card, cash, or check
  2. Send a Venmo payment of $127 to @BergenChiro
  3. Send a PayPal payment of $127 to @DrMercovich
  4. You will receive an email or text confirming your registration within 48 hours of your payment

SPACE IS LIMITED … This is a small group event so reserve your spot now and get your wellness engine revved up for Fall and the holiday season.

What past participants of Dr. Amy’s retreat had to say…

“It was absolutely relaxing and educational.” ~ Kristen

“I enjoyed everything about the retreat. The knowledge of Dr. Amy, the companionship of the attendees, and the great lunch by Chef Eric.” ~Pam

“Such an informative, peaceful, and relaxing gathering. A very inspiring, optimistic presentation.” ~Brenda

“I enjoyed meeting and relaxing with an awesome group of people and sharing useful information and life-changing tips.” ~Donna

“I thoroughly enjoyed all…specifically the meditations and meeting the wonderful ladies. The lunch was amazing!” ~Karen

“I learned so many helpful things for self-care. The retreat was the perfect amount of time – and I would love more of them!” ~Brenda

“The half-day format was a manageable amount of time and I learned a lot. I really appreciated learning the science behind our healthy habits.” ~Amanda

“I enjoyed everything about the retreat. It’s nice meeting new people and I learned a lot.” ~Theresa

“I loved the flow of the morning and the experience of learning new things.” ~Pat

“I enjoyed learning ways to better take care of myself, meeting new people, and learning from each other.” ~Kathy