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Coronavirus Update

4/5/20 UPDATE – Urgent/Emergency Appointments Available TUESDAY 4/7/20, Office Safety Procedures, and a Message from Dr. Amy

I will be scheduling Urgent/Emergency Chiropractic Office appointments for Tuesday, April 7, 2020 beginning at 1 PM.

You may reach me to schedule by:

1.Text me on my mobile phone at (585) 260-7427 **be sure to type your name in the text!

2. Call the office phone and leave a voicemail message (585) 494-2870

3. Email me at

I will return your call, text, or email to schedule you an appointment as well as to verify that it would be safe for you to enter the office. (See office and patient procedures below)

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know right now when we will re-open the office for regular office hours. If you have a scheduled April appointment, you will be contacted by Jess or me in the near future if that appointment will need to be re-scheduled.


Dr. Amy


We are making a concerted effort to maintain the highest cleaning and hygiene standards set forth by the CDC and EPA to protect our patients and ourselves from potential exposure. 

We will provide essential chiropractic care for patients experiencing physical or emotional distress and to those whose health would deteriorate without care for the purpose of reducing subluxation and improving spinal neural, range of motion, and postural integrity.

Patient Management and Hygiene: 

All patients must confirm before being allowed to schedule that they have not been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID and are not experiencing any symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or unexplained fatigue, and this will be done via email, text message, or phone call. 

If a patient has been in contact with anyone diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19 infection, or they have had COVID-19 infection themselves, they must abide by a 14-day self-quarantine and we will not schedule an appointment until 14 days have passed beyond the time when the patient became symptom-free.

Anyone suspected of having contact with someone infected or who is confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 infection themselves, will not be allowed in the office. If they wish to have a tele-health appointment with Dr. Amy Mercovich, then that will be offered in place of an office appointment.

Patients will be scheduled one person or one family at a time during the peak pandemic and will remain separated by a minimum of 6 feet. We will ask them to wait in their car until the previous patient has left the building.  

All patients will be asked to stop in the entryway to be questioned about symptoms and contact with others who have had symptoms and to use hand sanitizer that we provide.  We will have all patients attest in writing to their non-symptomatic status and absence of contact with anyone who has or recently had the COVID-19 infection. We will ask patients to remain standing and to not touch anything in the office that isn’t necessary to touch.  We will walk the patient (or family) into the adjusting room when it is their turn. We will ask all patients to leave as soon as treatment and payment is complete, using the hand sanitizer once again upon exiting the building. 

 All Travel Cards will be handled by staff and the Doctor only.

Cleaning Procedures:

The adjusting table is to be cleaned with bleach spray and paper towels after each patient. Special care is given to the hand rests and the head piece. All surfaces patients come in contact with including tables, chairs, doorknobs, pens, and bathroom fixtures are wiped down after each patient leaves the office. 

Staff Hygiene:

All staff members will wear an N95 mask whenever a patient is in the building. A mask will be provided and staff should keep a 6-foot distance from clients and other staff members whenever possible. The doctor will wash hands before and after every patient in accordance with the CDC hand hygiene guidelines: 

If a staff member begins to have symptoms of a cold, fever, sore throat, cough etc. they will be sent home immediately to observe a 14-day self-quarantine and asked to contact their primary provider to be tested. 

If a Patient Tests Positive for COVID:

We will inform all patients seen on the same day of this finding. If a patient has tested positive, they must first be clear of fever for a minimum of 3 days with no Tylenol or fever reducers and have maintained isolation for 7 days showing improvement in respiratory symptoms. After 14 days from onset of symptoms, we will consent to schedule as long a patient is wearing a mask.

If the doctor and/or staff was in close contact with a positive patient and was not wearing a face mask, they will self-quarantine for 14 days.