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Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp 3 – Join Now!

Join Dr. Amy Mercovich at Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp 3 – The Final Session!


***Back By Popular Demand – Last Boot Camp Session***  Join now or miss out!

Do you want to lose  belly fat, get fitter, and have some fun all at the same time?

Are you sick of sweating on the elliptical but still not losing weight?

Would you enjoy spending less time exercising and more time burning fat?

Are you interested in experiencing  “sweat sessions” that turn your body into a fat-burning machine for 24-48 hours afterward?

Would you benefit from weekly podcasts of tips and tools to help you on your weight removal journey?

Do you need help getting through the holiday season without gaining weight this time?

Has it been awhile since you did something healthy (and fun) that will make you feel great?

Do you say health & fitness are important to you, yet fall short on actions that support that idea?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then consider joining me for the exciting “Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp 3 – The Final Session.”  (new workouts, new podcasts, bonus yoga sessions, special Waistline Survival for the Holidays class)

Benefits of joining Dr. Amy in her Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp 3:

Free Gymboss Timer (to use for your quick workouts at home, $20 value, awesome tool for our fat-blasting workouts, new registrants only)

Weekly Podcast of Weight Loss Tips, Research, and Motivation (released every Wednesday  by 2 PM, listen online or download to your mp3 player)

Twice per Week Fat Blaster Workouts (two choices each week – attend one or both –  Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM and Sunday mornings 8 AM, meet at the office, indoor workouts, 20 minutes or less, so be prompt!)

Want to join and feel great in your body?

“Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp 3 – The Final Session” Registration Fee:  $129 ($20 off for participants of the previous Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp who do not want a new Gymboss Timer)

When: October 13 – November 20, 2011 (6 weeks of training, weekly podcasts of health and weight loss topics, free Gymboss timer, bonus 20 minute yoga flow sessions, special class “Waistline Survival for the Holidays”)

Register now!

Pay below with PayPal or stop by Bergen Family Chiropractic to register by cash, check, or credit card, or mail a check to: Bergen Family Chiropractic, PO Box 606, Bergen, NY 14416. ($129  – $20 discount if you participated in the first Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp and do not need a new timer)

Select an option:

Hope to see your name on the list!

Put these dates on your calendar:

Workouts: Thursdays 6:30 PM and/or Sundays 8:00 AM  from October 13 to November 20, 2011

Workouts are held indoors at Bergen Family Chiropractic. YOU ONLY NEED TO ATTEND ONE WORKOUT PER WEEK yet you may attend both.


Weight Loss & Health Informational Podcasts posted to Website each Wednesday by 2PM – listen online or download to mp3 player, podcasts are password protected

Bonus Classes:  Yoga!   Add these dates to your calendar (and bring a yoga mat):
Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 20 Minute Lunar Flow after the 6:30 PM workout

Sunday, October 16, 2011 20 Minute Power Flow after the 8:00 AM workout

More Yoga Sessions will be added!

Bonus Class:  “Waistline Survival for the Holidays” Class – date and location TBA

Wishing you optimal health and fun,

Dr. Amy