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Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp – SOLD OUT

Here it is, Folks!  The launch of my new program
“Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp”!    SOLD OUT

Who is ready to take your fitness to the next level while shrinking your waistline and feeling amazing???

Are you wanting to add a little excitement to your life?

Would it be great to spend less time exercising and more time burning fat while resting?

Would you like to celebrate your amazing body and make it more powerful?

Would you mind tasting delicious dishes from Chef Eric?

Are you interested in experiencing a few “sweat sessions” that turn your body into a fat-burning machine for 24-48 hours afterward?

Do you just want to button your favorite pants again?

Would you like to eat carbs without feeling like they will make you fat?

Has it been awhile since you did something healthy that is just for you?

Do you say health & fitness are important to you, yet fall short on actions that support that idea?

If you answer yes to a few of these questions, then consider joining me for the all-new, exciting “Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp.”

Benefits of joining Dr. Amy in her all-new Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp:

Belly Fat Reduction and Weight Loss (no weight obsession! – you measure your waist, no scales!)

New Tastings and Recipe Handouts

Higher Fitness Level and Sculpted Muscles (and the motivation to achieve both)

Latest, Cutting Edge Fat-Burning Workouts in Minutes a Day (and links to YouTube videos for sneak peaks)

Free Gymboss Timer (to use for your quick workouts at home, $20 value, awesome tool for our fat-blasting workouts)

Special Treats and Surprises to make the program even more fun!

Twice Weekly 15 Minute Group Teleconferences for Tips, Research, and Motivation (Mondays & Wednesdays at 12:15 sharp – plan your lunch break accordingly or listen to the recorded calls later from your computer)

Stress & Lifestyle Assessment with individualized Stress-Buster Recommendations to improve your mood, sleep, and maybe even those hot flashes!

Weekly Fat Blaster Workouts (Sunday mornings 8 AM sharp, meet at office, 30 minutes or less, including chatting & cool down!!!)

Group “Taste & Talk” Events (Monday, September 20 & October 13 at 6 PM)

And…. as if all of that wasn’t enough… the first 10 people who register get a “Bag of Goodies” from Dr. Amy!

And another reason to register right away….

2 “sneak peak” events:  mini-workouts on Sunday, Aug 15th at 8 AM and Friday, August 27th at 7 AM

Keep reading for info on 15 Minute Teleconference Topics, Dates of the Program, and Cost…

*EPOC – my sweet and sexy friend

*Hormone Helper – how to keep your hormones in fat-burning, muscle building mode

*Spicy & Hot! – using heat to stoke metabolism and curb appetite

*Best Way to Stay Fat (What Not to Do)

*Creating Daily Pleasure

*My New Best Friend – Say So Long to Food as Your Best Friend

*EFT – the new, cool way to break bad habits

*Cardio Fat Trap – how to make cardio work for you

*Yes, You Can Eat Carbs!

*Stress Busting Techniques that Accelerate Fat Loss

*Meal Makeovers

Convinced yet that this will be fun and fruitful?  Want to join me?  (I am so excited about this program – can you tell??!!)

“Belly Fat Blaster Boot Camp” Registration Fee:  $159 ($169 if register after Aug 27, 2010)

When: September 12 – October 27, 2010 (7 weeks of training, lifetime of fitness and fun)

Register now!  Get the best price and the free “Bag of Goodies” (Chocolate-Coconut High Fiber Immune Bar, Tanita Scale Body Composition Free Coupon, Greek yogurt, Omega-3 Fish Oil Travel Packets, Homemade Cashew/Almond/Craisin/Flaxseed Granola, Dark Chocolate, Notebook for Recording Workouts, and more!!!)

Stop by Bergen Family Chiropractic to register by cash, check, or credit card, or mail a check to: Bergen Family Chiropractic, PO Box 606, Bergen, NY 14416. ($159 until 8/27, $169 after 8/27)

(Remember:  only the first 10 people get a free “Bag of Goodies” from Dr. Amy so act fast!)

Hope to see your name on the list!

Wishing you optimal health and fun,

Dr. Amy